August 1, 2017

Evelina Photography FAQ’S


brisbane photography studioEvelina Photography FAQ’s

When you are finally ready to book in for a session, there are always some questions you want to be answered! Here, I collected a list of Evelina Photography FAQ’s. If you have any questions I didn’t answer in this post, please feel free to contact me.


When will the photos be ready?
Usually, it takes 5 to 8 days for me to edit the photos for

For EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY and WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY, of course, it all depends on how many hours of shooting and photos were taken at the event, and the shooting conditions. Please contact me to find out how soon the photos from your event will be delivered.


Can you not use the images from our shoot for your purposes?
I do use some of the photos I like on my social media and websites. Yet, if you tell me you want to keep your images private on the day of the shoot- I delete them as soon as they will be delivered to you.

How long does the photography session last?
Our photography sessions vary from one photography package to another. However you must note that it is not limited to that time, but a promised minimum I must perform. If our collaboration leads towards something super exciting, I can stay for an extra time! Usually , the photography session time starts approx. 5- 10 minutes after I meet with the client and lasts until I take a last shot.


Are you studio based only or do you come to your client’s home?

Depending on the type of photo session you are after, generally photoshoots are taken in my art studio. However, I am open to outdoor locations, clients’ houses, etc. Just contact me to discuss what you are after, and I am sure we can accommodate in a space suitable for everyone.


Do you provide a service for hair & make up? (Not for Event or Wedding)

Yes, however, it costs an additional $30 per person. Yet, remember that once you have booked your session with me, you can get a your styling consultation from me, to prepare you for the photoshoot and I will gladly recommend what will look best. All you need to do is contact me after you have done the booking! Also remember, since it is digital I can always re-touch anything that you aren’t completely happy with.


IMG_9196Can I bring different outfits and props to the photography session?

Yes, since you have an option of endless outfit changes, I always recommend that you bring as many outfits and props as you can! Together, then, we can choose the best looks before the shoot. When I contact you to confirm your appointment I will talk to you about what ideas you have for the photography session and what to bring.


What happens to the images after the photo session?

The length of time that photographs are stored for vary. However, I usually delete all of the images after a week of delivering them to you and hearing your positive review.


Do you do video too?

Yes, I do fashion, wedding and event videography, however separately from the time I do photography. I prefer to do the absolute best job and provide the  highest quality of my work, and there is no possible way that I could do that if I were trying to do two things at the same time.  I am either focused at your wedding on capturing high quality photos to capture treasurable moments or film your best wedding moments that you will preserve on your DVD and show your children and grandchildren in many years. Please email me for rates.


I don’t photograph well and I am very awkward- are you able to help me?
Of course! I understand that you might not have experience being photographed and I’m always here to help.  I will assist you with finding natural poses, looking natural and lovely in your photos.  Everyone needs some time to warm up, some people take a little longer, and it is absolutely normal!  It will not be nearly as bad as you think. I promise you to make it painless and fun and will make sure that you feel comfortable and relaxed while we are shooting.