December 1, 2015

How to Prepare for Photo Shoot


how to prepare for shoto shoot
How to Prepare for Photo Shoot

Every model gets nervous and excited before the shoot. It doesn’t matter if you are an aspiring model with little or no experience, or a professional model. I am here to tell you how to prepare for a photoshoot!

So, in anticipation of another shoot, the model may invent new poses in front of the mirror, or decides to cleanse one’s body. However, there are some basic preparation steps that every model should consider taking, to get the most out of the photoshoot.

How to Prepare for Photo Shoot: Beginning

First of all, it is vital to discuss all the details of the photoshoot to the smallest detail. For example, the choice of location and time of the session, your image, clothing, make- up, hair and so on. The more thoroughly we discuss everything in advance, the fewer unpleasant surprises and misunderstandings will occur later.  I am always ready to answer any of your questions.

Also, just before our photo session I require your ‘fresh’ close- up and full- body length photos. So, I need photos with the hair style and hair colour that is relevant at the time of our shooting. These photos can be of any quality, the most important thing is that you are clearly seen on them.

How to Prepare for Photo Shoot: Getting Ready

Do you know how to prepare for photoshoot? The most important requirement is the need to sleep before the photo shoot. So, freshen up, comb your hair, pay attention to your manicure / pedicure – it must comply with the overall colour of the image. Bright nail polish grabs attention, therefore it is advisable to use either transparent or dull shades of nail polish.

Preparing for a shoot: Did anyone say make up?

If the photoshoot involves a makeup artist, try to arrive without your own makeup to the shoot, since removing your makeup takes extra time. So, it would be great if you used a cleanser, removed redness and eye fatigue before coming, so that your sight was clear and bright. For instance, Visine or analogs (read the instructions carefully before use to avoid unpleasant side effects).

Finally, it is also highly desirable to wear your underwear and clothing with wide, soft elastic bands. So that they don’t leave any marks on the body to the photo session. Traces of rubber bands on the body can come of for up to 60 minutes and do not look aesthetically pleasing.

How to Prepare for Photo Shoot: Clothing and Accessories Selection

Clothing is chosen based on a photoshoot style however, first of all, clothes should be comfortable for you. If you feel uncomfortable, it will be reflected in the photographs. Also, clothing you choose should emphasize your advantages and at the same time hide your flaws. The colours of clothes have to be chosen in harmony with each other.

Next, shoes need to be clean and polished before the photo session, including the soles, especially for a studio photo session. Moreover, dirty soles do not look aesthetically pleasing in the frame and leave traces on the studio backdrop, which greatly complicates the processing of photographs. Finally, your footwear should be brought with other photoshoot requisites, instead of coming in it.

How to: Styling ties everything together

Accessories must also be selected in accordance with the style. By the way, the colours and style of the accessories must be in tune with each other. Also, jewellery will appear unnecessary in the frame, i.e., rings, friendship bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery are better to be left at home.

Finally, it is wonderful to use any objects that can be chief in the frame, for instance an umbrella, a bag, a bouquet of flowers, a hat.

Photoshoot Preparing: Accessories are key

Still wondering how to prepare for photoshoot? Send me the photos of the clothes and the accessories that you are thinking to utilise for our shoot. Your overall view  must match with what was intended. Your clothing, accessories, shoes, make-up is considered. Any excess or inappropriate pieces of clothing or accessory will look foreign, and will fall out of the general style. Lastly, a careful thinking through the general form and look in advance will provide excellent results in the photographs.

Photoshoot Preparing: Details

You can always discuss the details of how you could better get dressed, how to use makeup and accessories with me. So, I love fashion. I love fashion photography. Moreover, I love everything to do with fashion. An active communication before the photo session, a detailed discussion of the process, all the details and nuances. It is necessary to obtain for an excellent result in the end. Finally, photos will persist for many years and will deliver the pleasure of watching for many, many years.