February 2, 2017

How to Survive Long-Haul Flight | Carry On Essentials


It’s easily one of the most amazing feelings in the world after you purchase your plane ticket for an exciting far-off destination. However, it’s easy to feel a pit of dread grow in your stomach as you overview your flight itinerary. Countless hours squished next to strangers, as well as long, tedious layovers is enough to make anyone wish they had their own private jet.

Many times within the fashion industry, models especially, are required to travel to their shooting locations. Lucky for you, I’m on the road to becoming a long-haul flight veteran. Here’s a few of my personal favourite tips and tricks for how to survive hours of travel, starting off with what you’ll want to bring along.

With 24+ hours of busy airports and crammed airplanes, you’re definitely going to want to bring a backpack filled with some goodies to get you through it all.


Thankfully, most planes now have on-flight entertainment, with a wide selection of movies, shows and music to keep you amused. However, it’s best to be prepared with some interests of your own. Some of my entertainment must-haves are:

✔A good book. Preferably paperback, so you don’t break your back.
✔Notebook for drawing, writing, whatever floats your boat.
✔Headphones, both for music, noise cancellation, as well as helping with ear pressure during take-off and landing.
✔A laptop. Download some of your favourite movies, TV shows, audiobooks, especially if you have long layovers ahead.

Never assume you’ll have wifi, or a power outlet at an airport. I’ve been bored to tears in a handful of airports that either had poor connection, or a timed limit.


Now that you’ll be plenty amused during your travel, let’s talk about some practical essentials you’ll need in your pack to survive that long-haul flight.
✔Phone, for obvious reasons. Make sure you have plenty of games, songs, and audiobooks ready to go. I also like to go ahead and download the app of the airline I’m flying with just in case.
✔Battery pack. As I said, never assume that you’ll have a power outlet, or a way to charge your phone. Recently, on a 17-hour flight I had no way to charge my phone on the plane itself, so my battery pack was a life-saver.
✔Gum/Chewy candy. If you’re anything like me, your ears scream in protest during take-off and landing, no matter how many times you’ve flown. Chewing obnoxiously, and forcing yourself to yawn can help your ears pop and adjust to the pressure changes. Plus, it’s an excuse to eat candy, so win win.
✔Glasses & case. I am blind as a bat, but I wear contacts most days. However, when flying, I always wear glasses instead to avoid having dry and uncomfortable eyes, as well as a better sleep. I also recommend bringing your case along, and making sure to tuck away your glasses as you sleep instead of sleeping with them on your head or face.
✔Passport, ticket, and all travel info printed off. That includes your flight confirmation & itinerary, visa or immigration documents, travel insurance, car rental reservation, have it all on you so you can relax.
✔Food! Although most long flights will serve you meals and snacks, it’s best to pack along some options for yourself. Lets face it, airplane food doesn’t have the best reputation, and airport food will cost about as much as your rent does. Plus being ‘hangry’ can really dampen your adventurous spirit. Stash some protein bars, crackers, anything that will satisfy you in a pinch!
✔Wallet, with some cash currency for whatever country you’re traveling to. Converting money over in the airport will always be a rip-off, so try to plan ahead.
✔Toiletries. It’s always nice to be able to duck into the airport bathroom after you land and freshen up for the poor soul that has to pick you up. Chances are, your teeth haven’t been brushed in well over 24 hours which means your breath might kill a horse. Wet wipes or some perfume are also handy to get the nasty plane smell off, and feel just a little more human.
✔Cozy Socks. Who doesn’t love warm, fuzzy socks? These will add some comfort as opposed to being trapped in sneakers.


And there you have it, some essentials to bring along with you for your long journey! Make sure to check back in soon for some more tips to survive your big trip, including some outfit ideas, or how to actually get some sleep. Until next time!

by Mia Bersaglio