Evelina Fietisova is a creative director, photographer and stylist based in Brisbane, Australia. An education in most forms of art has allowed Evelina to develop a unique style and become an award-winning and internationally published photographer. Her work is inspired by artists from eras past – reflecting her raw, minimal aesthetic and strong appreciation of the female form. When not behind her lens, you’ll find Evelina reading another psychology book, listening to some chill out music or discovering new places around the world.


Apart from enjoying a private client work, I am extremely passionate about creating imagery for inspiring labels and incredible publications! Here are some of my more recent collaborations and publications:

Monrowe Magazine
Bite Sip StrollUnplugged Byron Bay
Marie Marry Me

Photo Italy Vogue

Gourmand & Gourmet

Style Magazine

Calexico Boutique

Sticks & Stones Management

Deer Duck Bistro

Broad Magazine


What The Teachers Wears

Brisbane City Council
Gallery Opera

Belle Byron Bay
En Vie Magazine

Young Folks

Stell Magazine

Canon Photo Awards

Lazy Girl Lingerie

BASIK Chocolates

Zambilla & Co

Lord Mayor’s Photographic Awards