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Meet Evelina

Creative Director, Photographer and Retoucher

Evelina Fietisova is a Creative Director, Photographer and Stylist based in Brisbane, Australia. An education in most forms of art has allowed Evelina to develop a unique style and become an award-winning and internationally published photographer. Her work is inspired by artists from eras past – reflecting her raw, minimal aesthetic and strong appreciation of the female form. Her work has been featured in international publications in Australia, Japan, Korea, Russia, Germany and the USA. Her clients range from individuals to local and international businesses, including Vogue Italia, Calexico Boutique, Spell the Gypsy Collective, Gourmand&Gourmet and many more. Being a Marketing Specialist, Evelina has worked with hundreds of brands, creating exciting visual content for companies all over the world. She specialises in creating a brand-enhancing, captivating visual content that can be used to expand any online presence, and create an exciting and stimulating experience by combining innovative digital strategy with engaging storytelling. When not behind her lens, you’ll find Evelina reading another psychology book, listening to some chill out music or discovering new places around the world.

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Evelina Fietisova



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